Rest easy knowing that your bedding has been ethically produced.

There is no shortage of bedding. That’s a fact, and it’s one that Ben Franklin (the founding father of Square Flower, not the United States) doesn’t dispute. You see, when Ben set out to find bed sheets it wasn’t a good quality, great feeling bed product that he struggled to find – it was answers to his questions.

The questions were something that many of us weren’t asking a number of years ago (but thankfully more and more people are today). Questions like “Who made them?”, “Were they treated and compensated fairly?”, “where did the cotton come from?” and “are there any nasty chemicals used?”.

When his questions fell on deaf ears, Ben’s mission evolved from finding great bedding to taking it upon himself to do things better. Better than an industry rife with human cost and environment tragedy weren’t willing to do. Square Flower was born.

“We believe that quality and ethics can, and should, go hand-in-hand. That one does not involve compromising on the other. We built a supply-chain from the ground-up: one that involves farmers and factories and lowers costs, so you can sleep soundly in top-quality, ethical sheets without paying a premium.” – Square Flower

Square Flower believe in the power of stronger communities. In addition to fair wages, they contribute to a community-managed fund that their workers use to invest in projects in areas like healthcare, clean water or education.
Square Flower kindly sent me a bedding set and I can confirm, they’re buttery soft.

I went for the raw cotton version. What’s this? Simple. This is their purest and softest, undyed cotton. You’ll see specs of natural material like tiny bits of seed, left over from the production process.
A mere 1% of the world’s cotton production is organic.

And even then, picked organic cotton may still be treated with all sorts of harsh chemicals.
Choosing GOTS-certified cotton gives you the comfort you need to know your linens meet the global gold standard in organic certification.

Square Flower pay attention to the full supply chain and ask the questions they know you would, so you can sleep soundly.

Talking points

  1. Made from organic, long staple cotton. The result is a breathable, single ply, sateen fabric with a smooth, buttery feel.
  2. The bedding is fairly priced, because Square Flower’s own built supply chain allows them to cut out retail costs and middlemen.
  3. That supply chain I mentioned is transparent. It’s made up of farmers in an organic collective and Square Flower can actually trace your sheets right back to the farms that grew the cotton.

To find out more about Square Flower and to try their product out for yourself, visit their website here.

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