Paulin Reveal new Geo typeface & Commuter Numerical watch series.

Continuing to deliver on their promise to bring quality watch manufacturing back to the British Isles, Paulin have now revealed their very own typeface. It’s first use? On their newly launched Commuter Numerical watch series…

Paulin Commuter Numerical Watch - Geo Typeface Paulin Commuter Numerical Watch - The Making Of Paulin Commuter Numerical Watch - In Production

Designed in Glasgow by their in house typographer, the Geo font was initially designed as a numerical only font before being expanded into its current full alphanumeric form.

Inspired by the art deco geometry of their logo, the design features a system of perfect circles, straight lines, negative space and 45 degree angles. Expertly crafted, the minute hand automatically fills the gaps in the scaled down numbers on the dial at the time they’re intended to be used at.

The simple and clean aesthetics of the original Commuter watch has been built upon with the newly designed bespoke numerals acting as a unique element, setting it apart from other minimal watches.

Paulin Commuter Numerical Watch - Red Paulin Commuter Numerical Watch - Green Paulin Commuter Numerical Watch - Blue

Intended to be worn as a daily watch, Paulin have selected only the most hard-wearing and high quality materials. The 3-piece case is manufactured from 316L grade stainless steel, PVD coated and finely brushed to give a satin finish, making it more resilient to scuffs than polished alternatives. The glass is flat and sapphire coated, which is tough and highly scratch-resistant.

Additionally, in an area often forgotten in watch design, the Glasgow based outfit have also redesigned the buckle. In the latest watch series, a double bar acts as the first keeper, simplifying the overlook look of the strap.

Pricing starts at £180 for the bridle leather or suede straps and increases to £205 for shell cordovan and £225 for stingray.

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