Instrmnt A Series Clock becomes Glaswegian industrial design studio’s newest release.

Glasgow based Instrmnt first caught my attention following the 2014 launch of their popular 01 series (seen here) of wrist watches – a collection of minimalist steel watches that took inspiration from the industrial design of the mid-20th century. Since then the company, founded by Pete Sutherland and Ross Baynham, have gone on to have a string of successful product launches and we expect their latest instalment to be just as well received.

The A-Series range of minimal quartz clocks (launched Friday 14th September in anodised silver or rose gold) sees the studio stay true to their purposeful design process, with function clearly running through the clock’s core. A removable stainless steel stand allows for the clock to be positioned on a side table or desk but the clock is also wall mountable due to the inclusion of a rear bracket.

Each clock is spun-formed by hand in the UK from a disk of raw aluminium and features Instrmnt’s ’00’ dial typeset in Helvetica Neue Regular. The only component not manufactured in Scotland or England is the specialist German-made movement. In fact, as a nod to Glasgow’s rich industrial past, Instrmnt complete all assembly of the clocks in a new purpose-built workshop in the company’s home city.

Following the release of sleek city bike last year and ‘one-of-one’ mid-century inspired daybed the year period,  the release of the A-Series clock range marks Instrmnt’s first fully commercial departure from the watch industry they’re primarily known for. On the move, co-founder Pete Sutherland notes “We have slowly been positioning ourselves to produce a more comprehensive product range and I think the A-Series clock is transitional in a lot of ways, whether that be looking beyond watches, turning towards more local manufacturing, or opening up new avenues for collaboration. It will be followed by another release in an additional category this Christmas, which will round off the year nicely, and is perhaps a statement of intent as to the direction in which we are heading”

I for one can’t wait to get my hands on the rose gold A-Series Clock and I look forward to seeing what these guys come up with next.

The A-series clock is available exclusively from Instrmnt for a limited pre-order price of £99. Pre-order here.

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