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With average impressions and reach rates slipping across the platform (at least according the those I’ve spoken to) users have taken to Instagram stories to post “reminder” shots in an attempt to get people to go view their feed. A recent
Twitter thread started by Sara Tasker
seemed to suggest that this method could in fact be doing them more harm than good – frustrating rather than engaging followers.

I’ve personally started to put more time and effort into creating IG stories and judging by the response I’ve got through my DM’s, it seems to be working. It’s also been a fun way to get creative!

I don’t seem to be alone in this. Below you’ll find a selection of my favourite IG users who have utilised the Instagram Stories feature in creative and interesting ways.

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Editors Note : Not into the whole Instagram story thing? These accounts are still worth a follow for their main feeds alone.

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1. @garconjon5 To Follow Instagram Stories | Garcon Jon

Fashion photographer Jonathan Daniel Pierce (aka Garcon Jon) uses IG stories as a storytelling mechanism. Celebrated as a visual storyteller, his punchy captions imply that he’s just as talented with a pen……figuratively speaking.

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2. @t_perspective

5 To Follow Instagram Stories | T Perspective

With a beautiful Melbourne backdrop and his own special blend of humour, Tushar’s Instagram stories cover daily outfits, coffee haunts and recent holiday destinations. Warning : these posts will make you want to emigrate.

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3.  @mat_buckets

5 To Follow Instagram Stories | Mat Buckets

Mat offers a refreshingly transparent view of his daily life through Instagram stories. A full time men’s lifestyle blogger by trade, Mat’s stories offer up some pretty interesting BTS action. He’s also great for a craft brew recommendation!

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4. @_david_joseph5 To Follow Instagram Stories | David Joseph

As well as snippets from daily life, David uses Instagram stories to create and share outfit looks that his followers vote on. His keen eye for quality garms make it a feature worth following for all menswear enthusiasts.

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5. @martinthemeat

5 To Follow Instagram Stories | Martin The Meat

As well as showcasing life in one of my favourite cities (Copenhagen), Martin uses his stories to promote the accounts he loves in a weekly “account of the week” feature. His running joke of photographing people on their phones with captions like “checking for the latest @martinthemeat update” are worth the follow alone.

Who on Instagram produces your favourite IG stories?

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