HAY x Sonos x We Work at Milan 2018

Hay, Sonos and WeWork have combined forces to share their collective vision of the future of design. The exhibition forms part of Milan Design Week and takes place at the historic Palazzo Clerici in central Milan. As well as exploring design, sound, living and work, the exhibition is a platform on which HAY and Sonos have used to announce their latest product launch, the Hay for Sonos One Speaker.

The Hay for Sonos One Limited Edition

The Hay for Sonos Limited Edition sees the Sonos One speaker reimagined in a colour palette developed by Rolf & Mette Hay. Believing that colour is one of the most important tools in the design process, HAY set out to create a colour scale that was more than just easy on the eye.

“Colours can hide completely and disappear or provide contrast – creating ranges in more colours produces more impact and opportunities for mixing items in the home”

“These speakers deserve to be treated like furniture; strong, independent objects that can blend in or stand out – functional accessories for any room that fit different needs and different spaces.”

 The Hay for Sonos One will be available to purchase in September 2018 from Sonos flagship stores and the Hay House in Copenhagen. The speaker is set to retail at £160.

NB : The One Speaker 1 is Apple Airplay compatible, allowing for it to be connected to televisions, smartphones and other audio devices in your home.

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