June’s Essentials Wish List

British Summer time doesn’t always guarantee warm weather and sunshine but we’ve been well and truly spoiled so far this year. The great thing about having spent the last year picking out essential pieces for our wardrobes is that coming into the warmer months, there aren’t many additional pieces we need to add. Drop a few layers, grab your lighter fabrics and you’re good to go.

Having said that, we’re still always on the look out for quality pieces made from exceptional materials by passionate brands. Here are the items currently filling our shopping baskets this month. This is the Essential Wishlist.

FREDDIE GRUBB Fleet City Bike | Essentials Wish List


We first discovered London born Freddie Grubb at the beginning of our love affair with Instrmnt watches. The connection, for those who don’t know is that there is a custom made special edition Freddie Grubb bicycle on the wall of Instrmnt’s Glasgow store. Since then we’ve been keeping an eye on FG and after chatting to Oliver Hooson about his recent London video it was official – we need a Freddie Grubb original.

Each bicycle is built with care and precision by an expert mechanic in Deptford, South London. Rigorous attention to detail, premium leather saddle, powder coated steel frame and German engineered internal gear hubs combine to make a city bike of the highest quality. Which bicycle are you going for? For us it’d have to be the Fleet.

£799 from www.freddiegrubb.com

– –

FILIPPA K Terry Gabardine Cropped Pants | Essentials Wish List

FILIPPA K Terry Gabardine Cropped Pants

Read their own about section and it’ll be crystal clear why MANimalist is such a fan. “Built on a backbone of entrepreneurial strength focused on style, simplicity and quality Filippa K rose from the kitchen table of its founder Filippa Knutsson to a pioneering brand in defining Scandinavian fashion”.

There is something so satisfying about a slim fitting trouser leg with a turn up. Wide leg pants may be enjoying their time in the sun but the simple silhouette of the Gabardine Slim-fits is timeless. Suitable for everyday wear these trousers are perfectly smart-casual with the combination of comfortable elasticated waistband and pressed crease fronts.

£140 from www.filippa-k.com

– –
AESOP Deodorant | Essentials Wish List

AESOP Deodorant 

Back in our first Essential Wish List we included a handle of Aesop skincare products, including a daily hydrating face cream and anti oxidant eye cream. If you follow us on Instagram you’ll also know that we’re big fans of the bergamot and vetiver root hand balm. What we didn’t know is the Australian born brand also have a deodorant too.

The aluminium free formula relies on zinc ricinoleate as the key active ingredient. This zinc salt inhibits bacterial proliferation but unlike its aluminium counterparts, doesn’t block the sweat glands. The heady and sophisticated blend of coriander and vetiver root is a love/hate scent so we recommend testing it out in store. As always, the excellent staff at your local Aesop store will be more than happy to talk you through the detailed notes and recommended usage of the product.

£23 from www.mrporter.com

– –

OLLE EKSELL Eyes of Cacao Print | Essentials Wish List

OLLE EKSELL Eyes of Cacao Print

Olle Eksell (1918 – 2007) was one of Sweden’s foremost illustrators who after beginning his design training in Stockholm moved to Los Angeles to hone his craft. Inspired by his contemporaries but with a mind that was ahead of his time, Olle is best remembered in popular culture for his famous eyes of cacao.

Combining our love of minimal, Mid Century and Scandinavian design, the 1956 designed print is destined to be pride of place on our walls.

£10 from www.kingandmcgraw.com

– –

AR/WE Mesh Strap Watch* | Essentials Wish List

AR/WE Mesh Strap Watch*

Childhood friends Albin and Marcus hail from Stockholm, Sweden. With an appreciation of contemporary design inspired by a minimal aesthetic, the pair started out creating watches for themselves before founding their very own fashion company, AR/WE.

We’ve been following the Instagram account ‘Nordic Style’ for a long time so when we found out it was run by AR/WE our interests piqued. A few chats later and Marcus has been kind enough to provide us with a great introductory offer that we’re extending to you. Use the code MANIMALIST at checkout when purchasing a watch from their No.1 Series and you’ll get 20% off.

Staring at £133 from www.arweswe.com

– –

HANDVAERK Raglan Flex Sweatshirt | Essentials Wish List

HANDVAERK Raglan Flex Sweatshirt

With a legacy built on a 3 generation small scale production line, Handvaerk specialise in extremely luxurious pieces that form the foundations of a function, modern yet timeless wardrobe. Established in 2013 in NYC, the small artisan label excel in creating lean minimal design while combining the finest natural materials with quality craftsmanship.

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know of our love for a classic grey sweatshirt. Well Handvaerk have somewhat reinvented it by giving it a modern upgrade, ‘designed for unrivalled comfort’. Made from 95% Peruvian Pima cotton and featuring a semi fitted cut, we’re going to be wearing this on the couch, in the gym and probably to a meeting or two.

175 USD from www.handvaerk.com

– –

VITRA George Nelson Bench | Essentials Wish List

VITRA George Nelson Bench

Designed in 1946 by George Nelson, the platform bench’s clean straight lines reflected the designers architectural background. Originally produced by Herman Miller the European rights were acquired by Vitra for their European market.

The clean and simple design has seen the Nelson Bench effortlessly applied to interiors with mid century modern and Scandinavian interiors in recent years. When we spotted it in Fredrik Risvik’s home we knew we had to have one.

£467.5 from www.utilitydesign.co.uk

– –

Anglepoise Type 75 Paul Smith Edition | Essentials Wish List

Anglepoise Type 75 Paul Smith Edition

The history of Anglepoise is a long and interesting one (we’re talking 1855). The quintessentially British brand is characterised by a pioneering perfect balance mechanism and engaging kinetic form. Arguably their best known lamp, the Type 75 was designed by industrial design legend Sir Kenneth Grange. In the design, Grange reinterprets the modernist lines and no frills functionality of Anglepoise original designs.

The Paul Smith interpretation is remarkable. Combining unmistakable form and function synonymous with Anglepoise with the archetypal style of Britain’s foremost designer, the Edition 1 Type 75 is something we’ve been lusting over for quite some time.

£170 from www.anglepoise.com

– –

CHEMEX 3 Cup Hand Blown Coffee Maker | Essentials Wish List

CHEMEX 3 Cup Hand Blown Coffee Maker

When we’re out and about a flat white is our go-to brew, when we’re in the office we’ll settle for a few cups of mediocre filter but there is something about a quality pour over on the weekend that feels very ‘Hygge’.

When it comes to pour overs, Chemex’s famous beaker-like vessel changed America’s way of thinking about coffee-making. Invented by chemist Peter Schlumbohm, the simple, sleek design of the handmade coffee maker has seen it become part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. With the Chemex w’ve been guaranteed a great pour and it doesn’t hurt that it’s aesthetically beautiful – that wooden collar is great!

72 USD from www.chemexcoffeemaker.com

– –

WHISTLES Clear Round Frame Sunglasses | Essentials Wish List

WHISTLES Clear Round Frame Sunglasses

Contemporary fashion brand Whistles consists of a carefully edited wardrobe of classic pieces with an eye towards quality and longevity.

The sunny weather took us by surprise in the North West of England recently. Luckily we’d copped a pair of these round framed sunnies in clear from Whistles a few weeks ago. Okay, so they may no longer be on our wishlist but at 50% off online, they should definitely be on yours.

Now just £35 from www.whistles.com

– –

What’s currently in your personal wishlist? Let us know in the comment section or over on Twitter.

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*products listed with an asterisk are included at the request of the brand. However, all views expressed about this and all products are my own.