“Treat Yourself”

You know that nagging voice in your head that says ‘buy it – you need it’? Yeah, I get it too. I’ve been reading about ‘new minimalism’ recently and while I’m not aiming for a pristine white, empty space I am paying close attention to the pieces I do pick up. There is an idea most seen in Japanese society – a philosophy that we should think carefully about what we surround ourselves with. Everything must add value.

With that in mind – here are the well designed, expertly crafted pieces I’m giving serious thought to adding to my shopping basket right now. This is the wishlist.

ASKET Oxford Shirt

Swedish based ASKET have set out to challenge every design and industry rule in order to bring you wardrobe essentials free of compromises. Striving to perfect the essentials that make up a man’s wardrobe, they have opted to ignore trends and seasonality norms. They’re “Essentially Different”.

The ASKET classic Oxford Shirt is made in Portugal and cut from a heavy Oxford cloth – it epitomizes comfort and durability.  Natural mother of pearl buttons add a subtle embellishment and the unique availability of 15 sizes means that they’ve got the perfect shirt for everyone.

75 EUR from www.asket.com

AESOP Moisture Replenishment

Dry skin isn’t cool. What is cool is everything about Australian skincare brand Aesop. They may have some of the best store fit outs and attentive staff in the retail game but it is their selection of high quality skincare products that really make Aesop stand out. Impressively, despite being an established international brand, Aesop still manages to make you feel as though you’ve stumbled across a hidden gem

This moisture replenishment kit includes a potent anti-oxidant eye cream, facial treatment and nourishing daily hydrating cream. With quality ingredients and beautiful scents, it’s the perfect collection for the man on-the-go.

£89 from www.aesop.com

MENU Wire Stand & Plant Pot

Danish design brand Menu have been championing the passion and creativity of new designers since 1976. Their distinctive Scandi aesthetic is described by the company as “soft minimalism” and their collection of furniture, lighting and home accessories, shows their obsession the functional details of everyday items.

The powder coated steel Wire Plant Pot is influenced by Japanese inspired gardens and has been designed with modern city living in mind. Charming and decorative, the Norm Architects design pots are perfect indoors or out.

£85 from www.reallywellmade.co.uk

CAMPBELL COLE Coin Purse w/ Layard

Inspired by simple timeless design, designers Ian Campbell Cole and Felicity Baggett create each product so that it is a perfect balance of refined proportions, subtle detailing and effortless functionality. Designed and made in England, each Campbell Cole product is made from the highest quality materials and is a result of a meticulous and thoughtful design process.

The ‘simple coin purse, lanyard’ is made from full grain Italian vegetable tanned leather and features a high quality Swiss made Riri zip and hand knotted paracord puller. Available in a selection of colourways (check out the khaki version), each coin purse will age beautifully as it develops its own unique patina over time.

£69 from www.campbellcole.co.uk

COMMON PROJECTS Achilles Low White Sneakers

The Common Projects Achilles Low White has become somewhat of a cult icon amongst the minimal design loving community. The New York based brand founded by Flavio Girolami and Peter Poopat have been making the Achilles sneaker since 2004. Combinin utilitarian design with Italian quality and construction the result is a sleek, clean- lined aesthetic.

The premium sneaker is constructed from Napa leather in Italy. Durable & Versatile – this is the Eames Lounge Chair of shoes!

£290 from www.mrporter.com

VITRA Eames DSW Dining Chair

Designed in the 1950’s the Eames DSW has enjoyed a global revival in mainstream popular culture in recent years. The plastic range of dining chairs dsigned by legendary furniture designers Charles & Ray Eames has quickly become one of the most ‘Instagrammable’ objects of the 21st century. One look at the #OnMyEames instagram account will show you just how popular they’ve become.

Whilst the internet is awash with ‘replica’ versions of the chair, I think the £345 for the real deal is a fair ask for a chair that has stood the test of time for half a century. If you believe in championing meticulous design, quality manufacturing and supporting the work of real artists, maybe you’ll think about investing in an original too.

£345 from www.utilitydesign.co.uk

FERM LIVING Linen Bedding

FERM are another Danish design brand with a real passion for design, craftsmanship and aesthetics. Based in Copenhagen, they aim to create ‘well designed products for the small and candid moments in everyday life’. Their collection of furniture, home accessories, lighting and more (all worth checking out) are made from ‘honest materials’ that are clean, real commodities with a minimal impact on the environment.

Made from 100% organic cotton and available in wonderfully muted colours, the bedding range from Ferm Living is right up there on my list of must-haves.

135 EUR from www.fermliving.com


Rolf & Mette Hay, the husband and wife duo behind Danish design outfit Hay have been working since 2002 to encourage (in a contemporary way) Danish furniture design’s return to their glory days of the 1950s and 60s. As well as being beautifully designed, the HAY furniture and home accessories collections are some of the most competitively priced pieces on the market – providing stunning aesthetics that won’t break the bank.

The classic, functional and utilitarian snap hook has been updated in the new HAY cane keyring. This two tone keyring in durable coated aluminium should be part of your daily carry.

£15 Release Date TBD

STRING Pocket Shelving in Sand

String Shelving was designed in 1949 by Nils Strinning and has seen a surge in popularity across Scandinavia and the UK in recent times. The simple construction of the powder coated steel frame gives the shelving system a refined, timeless unpretentious appeal which adds to its enduring popularity and highly practical versatility.

The String Pocket offers a complete ‘starter’ shelving system from the String range.  It consists of a wall shelf of two side panels (50cm high by 15cm deep) and three shelves which are 60cm long and is available in a variety of colours, including this new colourway; sand.

£115 from www.utilitydesign.co.uk

TOM PIGEON Geometric Print

Tom Pigeon is a Scottish based creative studio founded by Pete and Kirsty Thomas in 2014. As Tom Pigeon, the duo desire to create items that they want to live with. Their print collections focus on minimalism and color through the use of basic lines and color.

The latest collection is inspired by beachcombing, exploring the rhythm, colour and shapes of the natural and man-made objects washed up on the shores of our East coast hometown.

£60 from www.tompigeon.com