Italian excellence for the modern man

If Denmark is the home of design then Italy can surely be regarded as the home of exquisite tailoring. In the same way that we turn to the Scandinavians to guide our interior styling, we turn to the Italians for all of our sartorial needs. In the country’s rich heritage, one brand in particular stands out for their ability to masterfully combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. For those not yet in the know, we’re talking about Canali.

Made in Italy

Founded in 1934 the name Canali has since become synonymous with Italian-made luxury sartorial staples. For over 80 years the “Made In Italy” tag has defined the company, acting as a vital component of their core values. It represents a “longstanding tradition that interweaves culture and history, style and taste, a quest for excellence and respect for professionalism, quality and reliability”.

By sourcing the best material available and limiting production to 7 Canali-owned fashion houses in Italy, they’re able to ensure perfection in every garment.

Casual wear

Despite Canali’s successful history – built on their iconic suits – they refuse to rest on their laurels. Their expansion into casual wear in recent years displays a readiness to move and change with the times. And while the styles may have evolved, the master craftsmanship and exceptional quality have been preserved.

The introduction of more relaxed lines and updated silhouette’s are admirable, Canali’s evolution goes far beyond aesthetics.

The Impeccabile collection

The Impeccabile 2.0 collection has been created with your busy lifestyle in mind and it’s where Canali’s ability to blend tradition and innovation really shines.

The specially developed fabric used throughout the collection is creaseless, breathable and resistant to both water and staining. The perfect transitional suit, Impeccabile allows you to hop on a flight in the morning, dash across town to your afternoon meetings and still stroll into evening drinks at the bar looking as though you’ve just stepped off the cover of GQ.

Sceptical? Just take a look at this video of the Canali Impeccabile 2.0 being put through its paces.

The Canali Impeccabile 2.0 is available to buy now at

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*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Canali. Please note that we will only ever feature brands we share common values with in terms of design and quality.