Our inner child is itching with anticipation

In case you haven’t heard, Bjarke Ingels’ design agency BIG designed a Denmark based visitor centre for Lego back in 2013. Describing the chance to collaborate with Lego as a ‘childhood dream’ Ingels is quoted as saying “If BIG had been founded with the purpose of building only one single building, it would be the Lego House”.

View Drone Footage of BIG’s Lego House

The visitor centre itself has been designed to resemble a set of giant building blocks (no, really!) which if you ask us, is the coolest thing ever! To coincide with the recent opening of the new building, Lego have now unveiled a toy set modelled on the BIG designed Lego House. Okay, maybe that’s the coolest thing ever.

The LEGO House (21037) kit will be available to buy just ahead of the grand opening in Lego’s hometown of Billund, Denmark.

The 774-piece kit replicates the stacked-block formation of BIG’s design with brightly coloured terraces indicating different areas within the building. A block shaped like a giant lego brick crowns the building.

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Below : Rendered shots of what to expect from the Lego House interior in Denmark.

Does Lego bring childhood memories rushing back for you?

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Image credit : Lego