Full traceability from sheep to sweater

I bought my first ASKET piece – a white t-shirt – in the Spring of 2017. It was made in Portugal from 100% combed Egyptian cotton and was available in multiple size variations outside of the usual S,M,L etc. The Swedish brand’s belief in ignoring trends and instead focussing their energy on crafting well made essentials instantly drew me in, and played a huge part in forming how I look at clothing today.

Traceability wasn’t something that was on my radar in 2017 but as time went on the environmental and ethical implications of the fashion industry became more and more apparent. ASKET were one of the loudest voices on the subject and it was them who really made me take notice. From Summer 2018 I followed their journey to full traceability.

Early last month I received an email from ASKET’s founders with the incredible news that they’ve now reached 100% traceability in their range of merino wool products. Breaking down the supply chain of even one garment is a monumental task for the largest companies so for a young startup brand to do it across a range of products speaks volumes for their commitment and unwavering determination to improve the fashion industry.

Each garment from the 100% traceable merino collection comes accompanied with an information booklet that breaks down each step of the journey from sheep to sweater. For those unfamiliar with the steps involved in producing a garment it’s an eye opening read. This merino roll neck for instance started life on The Smith Farm in the small town of Omeo located 650 metres above sea level in the Australian state of Victoria. From there it travels through Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Tunisia and Germany as it’s cleaned, combed, spun, dyed, knitted and linked.

What’s more impressive than all of this is that ASKET are far from done. They see traceability as the first of many difficult steps towards accountability and forcing a systematic change to the fashion industry. From their home in Stockholm, ASKET are continuing to do their bit for our planet and at the same time, serving up beautiful garments for us to wear, enjoy and live with for years to come.

It’s impossible not to respect what these guys are doing. If you’re keen to find out more, check out their website here.

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