The ‘Saved’ Collection.

I’ve been enjoying Instagram again lately. Sure, follower growth may be stagnating slighting and average likes may be down but it’s not all about numbers right? In my last #5ToFollow post I talked about rediscovering the ‘explore feed’ to find new accounts and since then I’ve been using Instagram’s ‘save’ function to keep track of the posts and accounts that inspire me.

I use the save button for a number of things:

  • If I come across a post I like but don’t have time to check out the person’s account, I’ll save it to revisit it later.
  • I’ve been experimenting with flatlays recently so I’ve been saving quite a few of my favourite examples to use as inspiration for my own posts.
  • I’m always on the lookout for my next travel destination. Saving posts is a great way to remind myself to check out a location when booking a holiday.
  • I love to share my favourite accounts on the MANimalist Instagram account. Saving posts is a great way of planning repost activity for the week / month.

I’ve just had a browse of my ‘Saved’ collection and noticed that a few accounts keep popping up time and time again. Perhaps they’ll inspire you as they have me.

Here are 5 great accounts that are consistently making up my Instagram Saved Collection…

– –

1. @ross.baynham

– –

2. @mr.fits

– –

3.  @austindwhittle

– –

4. @t_perspective

– –

5. @miguel_di_montano

– –

Have you got any Instagram Inspiration recommendations for us?

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Header image credit : Austin Whittle