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A week of countless train journeys and limited 4G/wifi connection (is it even 2017 in the North West of England?) meant a few hours of catching up on reading. Flicking the pages of favourites such as Kinfolk, Printed Pages by It’s Nice That and Hey Gents led to us discovering some extremely talented artists such as photographers, illustrators, Instagrammers and typographers.

Once off the tracks and back online we headed to Instagram to seek out the accounts of the people we’d read about. A deep stumble of followers/followings later and we’ve come up with our top 5 Instagram accounts to follow this week.

It’s been a tough weekend for people here in the UK but as our good friend Nik Speller said “we can’t give in to the people who want to destroy our way of life“. It seems as though the country agrees and Sunday night’s One Love Manchester concert went a long way to raise the population’s spirits. In our (very small) own way of bringing you some #MondayMotivation we introduce our #5ToFollow

Got a suggestion for next week’s ‘5 to Follow’ list? Drop me an email or tweet me and let me know!

Here are our 5 to follow accounts for this week…

1. @davidgrr

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2. @whitesque

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3.  @candagarslani

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4. @ilyesg

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Have you got any Instagram Inspiration recommendations for us?

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Header image credit : Can Dagarslani