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Design is a lifestyle but to some, it’s also a business. With the rise in popularity (and effectiveness ) of influencer marketing it has become more and more important for stores to have an online presence that includes a killer Instagram account. After all, influencers can get people ‘in the door’ but once inside, it’s the stores job to keep them there. Luckily for us that means that not only is it easier than ever for us to find the products we love but also that there are more sources of inspiration than ever before.

The accounts in this week’s ‘5 To Follow’ are seriously stacked when it comes to inspiration. Posting lifestyle imagery that gives potential customers an idea of how to use their products in their homes, they’re making design as accessible as it is alluring.

With a selection of designer furniture, home accessories and lighting, the following accounts have been inspired by our love of interior design – and design in general.

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Here are our 5 to follow accounts for this week…

1. @husetshop

– –

2. @simple.form

– –

3.  @kollektedby

– –

4. @trnknyc

– –

5. @whitebeamshop

– –

Special Mention (Slight Bias). @utilitydesign_co_uk

– –

Have you got any Instagram Inspiration recommendations for us?

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Header image credit : Trnknyc