Need some interior inspiration?

If you follow my moaning on Twitter then you’ll know that I’ve had a busy few weeks trying to find a new flat. Well the good news is that the endless calls to letting agents, arranging viewings around my work schedule and stressing over finding the perfect space is finally over. Okay, it may not be the ‘perfect space’ (because does that exist?) but I’ve found a place that will become mine – the first place I’ll have lived alone in.

With the hard part done, I’m now spending almost every waking minute on Instagram and Pinterest soaking up all the interior inspiration that I can find. Luckily for me, there is an abundance of great interior accounts out there. Through the process I’ve stumbled across some absolute gems, 5 of which I’m sharing with you today.

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Here are our 5 to follow accounts for this week…

1. @saramedinalind

– –

2. @egilfarstad

– –

3.  @passion_shake

– –

4. @hegeinfrance

– –

5. @d097

– –

Have you got any Instagram Inspiration recommendations for us?

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Header image credit : Egil Farstad