A thought on timeless style.

British furniture manufacturer Habitat have just launched their new ‘Furniture For Life’ campaign, which explores how we can choose and care for long lasting pieces. As part of the campaign they’re challenging people to consider what timeless style means to them.

Apt timing given that I’ve just picked up the keys to my new flat and am currently deciding which interior pieces to invest in.

Buying furniture is a costly exercise – there’s no denying that. That’s why when I buy a new sofa, shelving unit or dining table I’m making sure they’re pieces that will last me for many years. For me that means identifying well-made designs that are versatile enough to stand the test of time both physically and aesthetically.

Some of the most iconic designs of the last century were designed over 60 years ago and yet they still look modern and relevant in today’s most loved interior spaces. The reason? Rather than being flashy or ostentatious, these products were designed with the primary focus being on solving a problem or meeting the users needs.

If we use these pieces as a model for identifying timeless styles then what we’re looking for are objects that are free of embellishments or trend led details and instead feature quality materials, clean lines and neutral colours.

Personal styles evolve and change over time so it’s unlikely you’re going to love every element of your interior in 5 years time. However, if you ensure that your most essential items (sofas, tables etc – the things that generally cost the most) are simple and adaptable, you’ll be able to add accessories, soft furnishings or a new paint colour to change the entire look of your room without breaking the bank year in year out.

Think about it in terms of fashion. If you have quality basics like a white t-shirt and well-fitting trousers you can dress them up or down to suit most occasions.

Once you’ve got the foundations led, with limited expense you can completely change the appearance of a room, allowing it to evolve along with your personal style. What’s more timeless than that?

I started writing this post as an entry requirement for a competition Habitat are running because I’d love to win one of their sofas. However, even if I don’t win, this has been an interesting exercise and a welcome reminder to be considerate with my future purchases.

If you’d like to see how my new flat shapes up, I’ll be posting regular updates on Instagram, my continuing mood boards on Pinterest and at some point in time the results will appear right here on the blog. So hang around.

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Photographs courtesy of Habitat.co.uk