Spring Essential Tips From The Best In The Game

It’s with a degree of reluctance that we’re hanging up our overcoats and tucking away our knit jumpers. Winter has passed and as the weather warms (albeit only slightly in the UK) we’re turning our attention to upgrading our wardrobe for Spring. We’ve enlisted the help of our favourite male lifestyle Bloggers & Instagrammers for a little help in selecting the essential items we should be looking at this Spring / Summer season.

John Robertson | Everyday Man

Who : John Robertson is the founder of “The Everyday Man“, a fashion, fitness and lifestyle blog for men [his words]. His website, The Everyday Man is a 21st century cheat sheet for how to be a well rounded man – one who takes care of himself, has fun and looks great doing it [our words]. He’s also always up for a laugh on Twitter so have a read of the blog and then pop over to @theverydayman to say hello.

Spring Essential : “My spring essential is a bike, I’ve recently picked up a new one from Mango Bikes.  With the ‘better’ spring weather now here it’s the perfect chance to get out on it.  I’m all about double benefits so the fact that it keeps me fit while commuting and out and about doing my errands is a big plus too.”

– –

Oliver Hoosen | Olvh

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Who : Well known for his impeccable taste in all things Scandi, Asos Insider Oliver Hooson has been smashing it on Instagram for time. He’s tells us to “keep it simple, never trendy” but somehow the ‘Scandi Man’ always seems to deliver both. Whether you’re after wardrobe inspiration, some tips on everyday carry or the low-down on the London coffee scene you’ll find it all over on Olvh’s Instagram.

Spring Essential : Oliver has selected a classic white t-shirt. He’s recently picked up the straight cut thick cotton jersey tee from A.P.C Paris. Crew neckline in sewn-on bias trim. – Neck tape – Reinforced side slits – Straight hem. Simple, never trendy. He’s on to a winner.

– –

Matthew Pike | Buckets & Spades

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Who : Founder of the critically acclaimed blog Buckets & Spades, Matthew Pike has worked with all of our favourite stores, brands and publications including Topman, British GQ, Jigsaw, Bellroy and many more. A keen eye for detail, a thirst for seeking out independents and content as honest and genuine as the man himself, it’s no wonder that Mat has become a firm favourite with readers and brands alike.

Spring Essential : Personally I’m not actually someone who is really into fragrances, I don’t enjoy the sometimes-assault on the senses, so Tacit by Aesop is the perfect one for me. It’s very light, natural and fresh smelling. It’s not overpowering, and develops very slowly over the day. My other pet peeve is the most fragrances make your clothing stink the next day, this managed to keep my t-shirts from having that gross “second day” smell. Spot on for me.

– –

Sam Squire | SamSquire.com

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Who : We actually came across Sam first on Twitter, right about the time the whole #instafraud thing started picking up traction. You see Sam’s website imsamsquire.com is much more than just style advise and gift guides (although he does those brilliantly too) but he also uses it as a platform to speak about current events, and important subjects such as mental health. Go have a browse – you’ll find yourself 5 articles deep in no time.

Spring Essential : My ultimate spring essential would be the Tom Ford grooming range – as we’re getting towards summer it’s really important to keep your skin healthy and moisturised to prevent sun damage. I recommend their exfoliator, daily cleanser and their moisturiser, also try to wear sun cream on your face to prevent sun damage and dry skin.”

– –

Mike Lyons | Mklyns.com

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Who : Chester native Mike Lyons has only been blogging since November 2016 (although he’s been a superior presence on Instagram for a few years) but he’s already added collaborations with brands such a Urban Outfitters, Coach and Parka London to his resumé. He shares the MANimalist love for a good coffee, simple fits and minimalist inspiration – just check out his Blanc Life account if you don’t believe us.

Spring Essential : “At the moment I’d say my go to Spring essential is my Armor Luxe Breton striped long sleeve. It’s not quite t-shirt weather yet and it’s a little too warm for jumpers, so this piece ticks all the boxes until we get closer to summer!

– –

Nik Speller | Three Letters Agency

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Who : Nik Speller is co-founder of Three Letters marketing agency, contributor to Buckets & Spades blog and currently on a mission to make Instagram change their ways (#instafraud). Through years of creating compelling lifestyle content alongside business partner Mat, Nik has developed a keen eye for spotting genuine people and accounts worth following. Whether you’re looking for a new blogger to follow or you’re a brand seeking out new influencers to work with, Nik is the guy you need to speak to. Sign up to his newsletter and you’ll receive his free monthly “male lifestyle influencers” list. He’s also a dab hand at picking out a whisky or beer worth trying – we’ve put that to the test below.

Spring Essential : The warmer weather of Spring doesn’t mean whisky has to be relegated to the back of the cupboard, like a big winter coat. You just need to find a whisky that suits the sunshine a little more. My choice is Dewar’s 12 Year Old. Fruity, floral, and slightly sweet, it’s a great dram for warmer evenings. Don’t be put off by the word ‘blend’ on the bottle either; the world of whisky isn’t just about the single malts you know.

– –

Jordan Bunker | JordanBunker.uk

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Who : Jordan Bunker was once quoted as saying “as long as you’re writing, getting better and honing your craft, opportunities will hopefully come your way” – boy was he right! His years of experience freelance writing for the likes of GQ combined with his ability to pick out the perfect outfit has seen Jordan quickly become an authority in menswear. What’s followed are collaborations with Mr Porter, British GQ, Topman and MANimalist favourites Campbell Cole to name just a few. Also, Jordan is the unofficial king of the trouser. There, we’ve said it! Check out this pair from Oliver Spencer.

Spring Essential : I’ve recently talked about this on my blog – no plug intended – about how although the warmer weather is great, it goes against my enjoyment for layering. That, and the fact that I’m not particularly fond of wearing shorts. So a spring summer essential for me is a pair of straight trousers. Breathable and plenty of room for movement, while keeping things below the knee well covered.

– –

Ryan Mules | RyanMules.com

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Who : If we were writing a blog called “how to be effortlessly cool af” we’d be including Ryan Mules in that too. Ryan runs his self titled blog ryanmules.com where he talks fashion, life and occasionally music. You’ll find him rocking bold prints from the likes of Vivienne Westwood, hanging out in urban jungles and turning up the dial on tracks from Kendrick Lamar, Tyler The Creator and his icon of style Pharell. We’ve just read the first instalment of his “In Conversation With” series and can’t wait for more!

Spring Essential :My Spring essential is always a short sleeve shirt! The Bob Shirt from Vivienne Westwood’s Anglomania range combines a nice doodle print featuring a scribbled orb logo with orange, one of my favourite colours. Orange has been a big trend for a while and I hope it continues.

– –

MANimalist Selections

1. Ace & Tate Alfred Sunglasses  2. ASKET White T-Shirt  3. NN07 Copenhagen Slim Woven Trouser  4. Void PKG01 Watch  5. Axel Arigato Clean 90 White Sneakers

Could you see yourself living in any of these homes? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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