Shop My Shelfie

I’m currently tackling an issue that I’m sure many city dwelling renters with be familiar with – a lack of storage space. My one bedroom flat in Liverpool city centre is cosy (read small) and storage space is in short supply. Since I’m currently renting I can’t drill shelves onto the wall and I decided that a free standing storage unit would take up too much vital floor space. So what to do?

Luckily I found this leaning shelf from Sue Ryder. It’s large enough to hold / display my favourite items but compact enough to take up almost no floor space (I’ve slotted it into some previously unused space beside the sofa).

Since posting a photograph of the styled shelf on my Instagram quite a few people have shown interest in the items featured so in order to answer them all in one go, I’ve put together this quick post to help shop the look.*

Note : Ideally the shelf should still be attached to the wall with screws but instead I opted to use some heavy duty velcro strips to secure the bottom and top of the unit. Time will tell if it’s enough to hold but so far, so good.

1. Kinfolk Entrepreneur Hardback Book – Amazon
2. Menu Carrie Lamp – Utility
3. Hasami Porcelain Mug – Good Hood
4. BYREDO Tree House Scented Candle – Liberty London
5. Cereal Magazine – Cereal Online
6. Chemex 3 Cup Coffee Maker – Amazon
7. Aesop Hand Balm – END Clothing
8. Design Letters Alphabet Cup – Trouva

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* This post contains affiliate links.