Since the introduction of computers and mobile technology there has been a rapid decline in the mainstream use of print media, leading some to boldy claim that print is dead. I can assure you, PRINT IS NOT DEAD – and here’s why.

Firstly, there is something ever-so-satisfying about print. Try to imagine picking up a fresh print magazine; feeling the weight, quickly flicking your fingers through the pages and prising them open so you smell the rush of freshly-printed ink. Once you’re immersed in the magazine you start to notice the colours – bright, bold and vivid. Finally, there’s being able to closely inspect an image and see the finer details that are sometimes lost in the pixelation of a small screen. All of these small quirks of print media are what make it a timeless art form.

Here are a few select magazines that you could say are the ‘Picasso of Print’.

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Printed Pages Magazine by It's Nice That

Printed Pages collates creativity in all its forms, giving you a snapshot of the creative world today. Packed with illustrations, photography, stickers and posters. You name it, Printed Pages has it. Thoughtfully put together by @ItsNiceThat, Printed Pages will certainly give you a jolt of inspiration when you need it most. Their latest issue coincides with their 10 year anniversary and you can buy it here.

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Kinfolk Magazine

Kinfolk carefully curates a magazine that promotes a cultivated lifestyle and covers everything including work, home, style and culture. With contributing editors like Ilse Crawford and Michael Anastassiades you know you’re in good company when flicking through a copy of Kinfolk. You’ve probably seen it popping up on Instagram as a photo prop thanks to it’s beautifully minimal aesthetic and is a pillar of the slow living and simple lifestyle movement we’re seeing in interiors and fashion right now.

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Hey Gents Magazine

Hot off the press, Hey Gents new print magazine puts their popular lifestyle blog (@Heygents) into a pristine physical format. Focusing on design and quality for both the format and content, the Hey Gents magazine explores products and experiences that will improve your life. Shaun recently spoke to BucketsAndSpades blog about his love of Hey Gents.

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Cereal Magazine

Unlike most other print magazines, Cereal is only published bi-annually – really pushing the ‘slow lifestyle’ movement. Covering travel art, design and style, Cereal magazine is a captivating read that has the imagery to compliment. Focusing on only a few select destinations, Cereal is the true essence of curation. Shop the magazine and their travel guides here.

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DAZED Magazine

This list wouldn’t be complete without Dazed. Originally titled Dazed & Confused, this bi-monthly magazine covers music, fashion, film, art, and literature. Originally created as an alternative style and youth culture magazine, it has stuck to it’s roots and now even runs Dazed 100 – A list that looks at the people currently shaping youth culture. Claiming to be the most influential independent fashion and culture title in the world – it’s a must read.

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Have you got a favourite print magazine? Tom would love to hear from you. You can find him hanging out over on Instagram or Twitter.


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