Monday 8th May, 9am : Blogosphere Magazine tweet that their ‘#BlogosphereBlogAwards’ shortlist is now LIVE!

What followed next was a series of tweets outlining the categories and shortlist of nominees for each. The categories were plentiful and the nominees fully deserving of the prizes. However, something seemed to be missing – the guys!

Joel raised the question (one that garnered mixed reception) and whilst we love and support everyone who has made the shortlist there was a lack of male bloggers on the list (none in fact). We thought we’d take it upon ourselves to celebrate and acknowledge the great work done by our fellow men. Introducing, the MANimalist Blogger Awards.

Disclaimer : Please take this post for what it is. A light-hearted celebration of our favourite male bloggers. It is not intended as a political / gender statement. Also, you’ll notice that the following bloggers’ content actually falls into several categories. That just goes to show that we shouldn’t put people into boxes and that labels are an inefficient way of looking at each other. I guess that part is a statement.

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Travel Blogger of the Year : Aaron George D –

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Whether it’s a short stay in Copenhagen, a long weekend in Margate or an action packed trip to the Big Apple, Aaron is on hand with superb travel content. Unlike some travel posts, Aaron’s read as much like a diary as a guide, offering  a refreshing take on the travel guide concept.

 Twitter : @AaronGeorgeD
  Instagram : @dayofrest
 Blog :

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Fitness Blogger of the Year : John Robertson –

John’s inside scoop on the latest fitness trends, supplements and accessories keep us motivated to take our health serious on a daily basis. Recently he’s written about making the move from 4 wheels to 2 and it’s inspired us to get out on our bikes too.

  Twitter : @Everyday_Man
 Instagram : @theeverydayman
 Blog :

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Streetwear Blogger of the Year : Joel McLoughlin –

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If you’re a streetwear fashion fan then Joel’s YouTube videos are a must watch. In fact, even if you’re just a fan of fashion in general you should head over and give his channel a few minutes of your time – we guarantee minutes will turn to hours!

 Twitter : @gallucks
 Instagram : @gallucks
 Blog :

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BTS Blogger of the Year : Matthew Pike –

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With regular store visits and features on independent brands across fashion, everyday carry, design and more, Mat provides a behind the scenes look at the brands worth checking out. Mat shares MANimalist’s love for design and a passion for showcasing the people behind it.

 Twitter : @mat_buckets
  Instagram : @mat_buckets
 Blog :

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Grooming Tips Blogger of the Year : Robin James –

Robin James is YouTube gold (his Instagram stories are brilliant too). His quick wit, endless sass and most importantly, expert grooming advice makes for compelling viewing. Look – anyone who can pull off a moustache like Mr James is worth a few minutes right? Go check out his work now.

 Twitter : @manforhimself
  Instagram: @manforhimself
 Blog :

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Style Inspiration of the Year : Jordan Bunker –

A post shared by Jordan Bunker (@jordanbunker) on

Jordan is pretty much the target we aim for when adding pieces to our wardrobe. His ability to put together minimal essentials and form an effortlessly cool outfit is something worth recognising with an award. He’s also our go-to for Instagram story ideas. Simply put, the man has a great eye for aesthetics.

 Twitter : @jordanbunker_
  Instagram: @jordanbunker
 Blog :

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Bloggers’ Bloggers of the Year

Arran Cross – TheAllNightListeningPost
Ste Huyton –
Joseph Burrows –
Carl Baker –
Robbie Grant –

Who have we left out? We want to know of all the great male bloggers out there so drop us a comment below!

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