Current grooming / skincare lineup

Skincare products feels like one of those things you don’t know you need, until you try them. I’m pretty lucky in that my skin has never given me too much trouble. A few puberty years in my teens aside, I’ve never really been prone to breakouts or blemishes. I went years (and I’m talking 20+ years) without giving a second thought to the health of my skin.

I may not have noticed it before but in recent years my skin can get a little dry, so a good hand / face moisturiser is something I reach for each day. Lately a few brands have been kind enough to send me some product that in all likelihood I wouldn’t have picked up myself – face masks, charcoal scrubs and eye creams etc.

Below are a few products that have made it from trial period to weekly routine.

Product links can be found below.

Featured Product

Aesop Hand Balm – shop here
Aesop hand moisturiser – shop here
Aesop Deordorant – shop here
Le Labo Santal 33 * – shop here
Arket hand moisturiser – shop here
Scrubd Anti Ageing Face Mask *  – shop here
Horace Starter Kit (deodorant, gentle purifying shampoo, purifying face cleanser& mattifying face moisturiser)* – shop here
Gilette Skinguard sensitive razor * – shop here

I’ve still yet to try out all of the products on my ‘Grooming & Skincare Essentials Wishlist‘ but when I have done so I will report back. Take a look at that article and let me know if you’ve experienced any of the items.

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* Products marked with an asterisks have been gifted.