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Instagram bot services are still a huge problem but recently a new Instagram frustration has becoming the popular topic of conversation among users. Dubbed ‘shadowbanning’, the process of suppressing impression share seems to be the result of a change in Instagram’s handling of hashtags and has seen users struggle to keep up with the engagement and follower growth they’d become accustomed to.

It got me thinking though – is there another reason our accounts aren’t growing as they used to? It struck me recently that I hadn’t been searching for, and finding new accounts as much as I once did – instead my focus had turned to creating better and better content. Perhaps I’m not the only one who isn’t following accounts the way I did a year ago. If so, that may go some way to explaining the slowing down of follower growth across the board.

Numbers are numbers though and they’re not the most important thing – they’re not the reason I use Instagram. What I realised is that my desire to create better content had taken away from the thing I truly loved about Instagram – finding great accounts that inspire me. In an attempt to have a more balanced social media experience, I decided to dedicate some more time to scrolling through Instagram’s ‘explore’ feed.

Here are 5 great accounts that I discovered through this process…

– –


– –

2. @sejkko

– –

3.  @__jta

– –

4. @greyconcept

– –

5. @phdonohue

– –

Have you got any Instagram Inspiration recommendations for us?

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Header image credit : Terry Colante