“CLOAK is an exercise in reductionism and elegance.”

CLOAK Watch offers complete customisation of the watches four main elements.

Two years ago Jack Munro & Harri Lewis of London based multidisciplinary design studio Mule set out to develop a watch that “would suit every season and event along with a range of personal styles”. The fruit of their labour CLOAK launches today, providing users with the unprecedented ability to customise each of the four main elements of their watch.

With CLOAK, Mule Studio has removed the clutter of traditional watches and smartwatches and utilised materials rarely seen on a wristwatch. In fact, the stripped back hour hand-only design is almost unrecognisable as a watch.

CLOAK has removed the clutter of traditional watches and smartwatches.

Unlike your regular timepiece, CLOAK watches don’t feature a glass-fronted face. Instead, Mule have opted for a completely exposed face that is available in interchangeable high quality materials such as stone, sintered metal, wood and black mirrored glass. A special magnetic mechanism ensures that if accidentally knocked, the time remains correct.

We wanted to remove all the clutter from the face of the watch, including the minute and second hands and glass front, to allow the materials to become the real focus. The result is a kind of anti-smartwatch that looks almost nothing like a watch in the traditional or digital sense.” – Mule Co-founder Jack Munro.

CLOAK's custom magnetic mechanism in action.

The watch body acts as the base and is fitted with a Ronda Swiss-parts quartz movement with custom magnetic that allows the face to turn on a low friction sapphire pivot. The face itself acts as the hour hand. Other interchangeable parts include the quick-release pin fitted straps and bezel with 15minute markings.

The result is a watch that can be whatever you need it to be, for whatever the occasion requires.

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CLOAK x Supermundance

CLOAK x Supermundane

To celebrate the launch of the new watch, CLOAK have teamed up with Rob Lowe aka SUPERMUNDANE to release a limited edition set of watch faces.

The graphic, in SUPERMUNDANE’s distinctive style, is anodised on to an aluminium base. Buyers can choose from the three colourways above.

This limited edition of 100 faces is available exclusively through the CLOAK Kickstarter campaign.

CLOAK Availability

The CLOAK watch is set to retail at £295 but is available now at the exclusive early bird price of £150 on Kickstarter.

For this, each customer will receive the basic pack including 1 body, 1 strap, 1 bezel and 2 faces. Additional straps, bezels and faces can also be bought at up to a 40% discount during the campaign.

For more information, you can visit CLOAK’s Kickstarter Campaign here.

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Photo Credit : Mule Studio