Is “trend” a bad word?

The article below features gifted product from MR PORTER but all words & imagery is my own.

The word “trend” is often brought up in conversations about capsule wardrobes, everyday essentials and breaking away from fast fashion’s conveyor belt of collections. It makes sense that it should be cast as the antagonist in articles about the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry. After all, the whole concept of fast fashion is a result of retailers “responding quickly to constantly changing trends and having new styles available in stores for consumers every week”.

However, as Jordan Bunker recently wrote “we all have an inherent nature to fit in to varying degrees” and so unbeknownst to ourselves these trends can from time-to-time infiltrate our personal style choices. It’s made me think recently that as with most things in life, perhaps we need to find a balance; combining our wardrobe staples (white t-shirt, well-fitting navy wool trousers, pair of clean white sneakers, Japanese raw denim jeans etc) with elements of trends that we believe will have staying power.

Now before you jump down my throat, hear me out. From time to time I’m sure I’ll add items to my wardrobe that challenge the idea of ‘timeless apparel’. Whether it be a new cut of trouser, a jacket with a double zip or a pair of shoes in a new fabric you can be sure that the purchase will be made with consideration. Consideration of material, of quality and of longevity.

When MR PORTER announced the arrival of their own brand capsule collection Mr P (Early 2018) with the description “Easy pieces. Smart details. Enduring style” I was sold. Updated 5 times per year with seasonal staples the collection aims to be as sharp as it is wearable and as stylish as it is timeless.

A few weeks ago the kind folk at MR PORTER were kind enough to gift me some pieces from their 2019 capsule. The items – a jacket, trousers and shoes – arguably fit the mould of product I’ve spoken about above. The pieces themselves are wardrobe staples but in certain ways they are influenced by current colour, fit and material trends. I personally love each piece and I can wear them without remorse because I know that the quality will endure.

Do you think these styles will stand the test of time? Could you see yourself wearing them?

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