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Instagram recently hit 700 million users. Even if we’re skeptical and assume that 50% of those are bot accounts, that’s still an awful lot of great accounts to discover. Through the ‘5 To Follow’ series we come across and share tons of profiles but despite all of this newness we’ve also got an ever-growing list of go-to favourite accounts. One of which, ThisMintyMoment (below) is actually the inspiration for this edition of the series.

ThisMintyMoment is run by California based art director Minh T. Bordering on surreal, his beautifully minimal feed is possibly best described by Isobel Carmichael – “a continuous visual narrative runs through minh t’s images, inspired by architecture, nature and geometry; they are thought provoking and romantic, as if each image is part of a prevailing fairytale“.

Whether it be a colour palette, perspective, composition or subject matter, the Instagram profiles in this ‘5 To Follow’ edition have been inspired by our love of Minh’s work.

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Here are our 5 to follow accounts for this week…

1. @thismintymoment

Instagram Account : @thismintymoment

– –

2. @drcuerda

Instagram Account : @DrCuerda

– –

3.  @anniset

Instagram Account : @AnniSet

– –

4. @hx1125

Instagram Account : @hx1125

– –


Instagram Account : @Amee.Kim

– –

Have you got any Instagram Inspiration recommendations for us?

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Header image credit : Daniel Rueda