These are the Blogs & Instagram accounts you should be following this year

It’s been a while since I’ve published a #5ToFollow entry so as a means catching up a little, I’ve decided to put together a more comprehensive list of the best blogs and best Instagram accounts to follow this year. The list includes menswear blogs, female fashion blogs, interior blogs, street photography Instagram accounts and more so there should be something for everyone.

There are so many great account that haven’t been included but will undoubtably find their way into a #5toFollow post soon. I plan to post a monthly update on here but my IG stories highlight is being updated more regularly so pop over to @shaunyness to find more great accounts to follow.

1. Brittany Bathgate

Photo credit : Brittany Bathgate

Brittany Bathgate is a Norwich based fashion & lifestyle blogger, or “minfluencer” according to The Times – that’s a minimal influencer apparently. Her blog and Instagram accounts are a combination of beautiful photography, effortless fits and down-to-earth candid conversation.

Follow Brittany : Blog | Instagram

2. Haarkon

Photo credit : Haarkon

Long before Pantone selected Greenery as its colour of the year, India & Magnus were celebrating the beauty of nature on Haarkon. The UK based photographers have used their platform as a way of scrapbooking their journeys over the last few years and on their account you’ll find stunning photos of everything from the botanical gardens of Europe, the city streets of Copenhagen and the landscapes of the Scottish highlands.

Follow Haarkon : Blog | Instagram

3. Mat Buckets

Photo credit : Jake Millers

Mat is an OG in the blogging game. Having started Buckets & Spades in 2008 as a means to store inspiring images and inspirations. Over the years Mat has used his fashion education, his love of colour and a fair bit of hard graft to build up a loyal following and a hefty portfolio of brand collaborations. Follow for menswear, everyday details, mini city guides and more.

Follow Mat : Blog | Instagram

4. Paul Binam

Photo credit : Noémie Jeanneau

Paris based menswear influencer Paul Binam has quickly become one of my favourite Instagrammers. Paul’s wardrobe is classic, contemporary and minimal and features pieces from brands like Ami Paris, Acne Studios, Cos and Uniqlo. His style is effortlessly cool and the way he chooses to wear his outfits inspires me to push the boat out a bit with my fits. Recently he’s been teaming up with Noémie Jeanneau to create some really nice video content that’s well worth checking out.

Follow Paul : Instagram

5. Perpetual Journeys

Image credit : Perpetual Journeys

Perpetual Journeys is the birth child of Luke and Hayley, two people who I found myself following on Instagram before knowing they were a couple. Individually they create great imagery and together, they tell a beautiful story. With a mix of humour, style and relatability Perpetual Journey’s may become your favourite on screen couple of 2019.

Follow Perpetual Journeys : Blog | Luke’s Instagram | Hayley’s Instagram

6. Jordan Bunker

Jordan Bunker, photoraphed by Giovanni Corabi for a collaboration with Joseph.

Jordan Bunker has been around the menswear scene for a while but it hasn’t made him complacent – quite the opposite. While some people make a point of posting every day, Jordan will hold off should he not have a shot he’s happy with, even if that results in some periods of inactivity. When it comes to his content there is one thing that is guaranteed; it will have been carefully considered.

Follow Jordan : Blog | Instagram

7. Mauricio F. Corridan

Photo credit : Omocado

Born in Ireland but raised in the Canary Islands Mauricio along with partner Olja run Omocado Studio. Another contender for Instagram power couple of 2019 the pair create flawless content for brands such as Calvin Klein, Burberry and Cartier. With a combination of light, shadow, movement and colour, Mauricio always seems to capture the beauty of a moment.

Follow Mauricio : Blog | Instagram

8. Ruben Hughes

Photo credit : Andreas Pless

Ruben Hughes is an American born photographer and content creator based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Not only does Ruben live in one of my favourite cities, he’s also worked with some of my favourite brands in Bang Olufsen and Menu. His Instagram account full of rich colours, idyllic settings and design classic furniture – all you’d expect from a creative living in the Danish capital.

Follow Ruben : Portfolio | Instagram

9. Cate St Hill

Photo credit : Cate St Hill

Cate St Hill is a UK based interior blogger, writer and stylist. Cate shares my belief that good design should be accessible to all and in her blog articles you’ll find a combination of designer interior pieces and more budget friendly suggestions. Her blog (and Instagram profile) is a great resource for simple, stylish living that’s curated with meaning, honesty and intention.

Follow Cate : Blog | Instagram

10. Anthony Lee

Photo credit : Oliver Hooson

Casual fits, lifestyle bits and the odd building crop – that’s what you get from a glance a Anthony’s Instagram account. The fits are functional (and loose), the bits are from brands who focus on quality and the crops are often industrial but always with a focus on lines. If his name sounds familiar it may be because he’s the credit on a lot of my IG photos and if his face looks familiar it may be due to his recent modelling cameo for Farnol. Either way, the kid is worth a follow.

Follow Anthony : Blog

11. Alice Gao

Photo Credit : Alice Gao

In all honesty, I didn’t know much about Alice prior to writing this article. All I knew is that her images often find their way into my ‘saved’ folder. You may already be one of her 900,000+ followers but if not, Alice is a NYC based travel and still life photographer whose work I first came across in Kinfolk. There is something about the tone of her images that draws me in – I can’t describe it so you’ll have to go look for yourself.

Follow Alice : Blog | Instagram

12. Trace Lifestyle

Photo credit : Megan Harvey

Trace Lifestyle is the brainchild of Megan Harvey, a Liverpool based MA fashion student, who in her words is “trying to live slower and little more consciously”. Meg believes that slow living and good design can save our planet and through Trace she documents the brands and products doing things the right way.

Follow Trace : Blog | Instagram

13. Darren Rowlands

Photo credit : Darren Rowlands

Although based in London Darren’s images have a distinctly New York feel about them. His images are often raw and moody, showcasing life in a big city through mostly black & white edits (with the odd neon sign thrown in). What’s great for budding amateur photographers though is that in each post Darren shares the camera settings he used to capture the image.

Follow Darren : Instagram

14. Jeremy Mitchell

Photo credit : Jeremy Mitchell

Jeremy Mitchell is a photographer and menswear enthusiast that I first discovered when doing some research for a MR PORTER blog post highlighting their collaboration with Prada. The visuals of that campaign really blew me away and it came as no real surprise to see Mitchell popping up in the wider Instagram campaign.

Follow Jeremy : Instagram

15. Jesse Alexandra

Photo credit : Jesse Turner

Jesse Turner is a Manchester based stylist and art director is probably better known by her blog and Instagram name, Jesse Alexandra. Her social media accounts are an extension of her lifestyle, her love of fashion and her design tastes, which are heavily Influenced by Japanese culture. Her blog also acts as a portfolio for her styling work which is as varied as it is impressive.

Follow Jesse : Blog | Instagram

16. Kevin Joseph

Photo credit : Kevin Baum

Self proclaimed born again street and documentary photographer, Kevin Baum is a Chicago native who, through his lens, seeks to capture the stories of the people he shares the sidewalks with. Kevin’s Instagram is probably the first street photography account I followed and through his stories I’ve discovered so many more great accounts.

Follow Kevin : Blog | Instagram

17. Ollie & Sebs Haus 

Photo credit : Ollie & Sebs

Ollie & Sebs Haus is owner Deborah’s daily edit of design ideas and lifestyle. Lovers of Scandinavian inspired minimal design and home interiors will get tons of inspiration from both the blog and Instagram account (handle is @apieceofcake82).

Follow Olle & Sebs : Blog | Instagram

18. Mark Gray

Photo credit : Mark Gray

I actually don’t know much about the man behind one of my favourite Instagram accounts. Days Of Mr Gray is a collection of beautiful travel photography. The locations are often breathtaking but his edits are always what catches my eye first.

Follow Mark : Instagram

19. Then I Look At You

Photo credit : Curt LCDB

Another of my favourite couples on Instagram are Parisians Daisy & Geo. Their feed is unique in that every image they post forms part of a mini series. The photo featured above is from one of my favourite photo series of 2019 – I just love the colours, the clothes and the poses.

Follow Daisy & Geo : Instagram

20. Craig Whitehead

Photo credit : Craig Whitehead

Craig’s Instagram account Six Street Under is one of the accounts I found through Kevin Baum’s stories mentioned above. When someone posts a photo that makes me think “how do they do that?” I’m hooked, and I get this with almost every photo Craig posts.

Follow Craig : Blog | Instagram

There we have it – 20 Instagram accounts and blogs that you should follow this year. Have you got any more to add? Let me know in the comments or pop over to Instagram / Twitter to let me know.

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